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Hi, everybody, we are an organization with about 40 workstations (Windows and Mac); currently we use Resilio (for about 3 years) and for various reasons (last release 2.70 simply full of bugs that is making us waste time in having to restore the old 2.64 to tell me one), we would like to switch to Syncthing (which I already use at home). The problem is to configure these 40 terminals in a fast way. With resilio, folder shares are fast. Any terminal shares the link (with owner/writer/reader permissions) and all the other terminals, once the link is inserted and authenticated, are ready to synchronize. I’ve read and re-read your documentation, but I think I’m lost. Is there an easy way to make all 40 terminals synchronize with each other without having to add each one to all the previous ones? If you haven’t misunderstood, for example, at the last one, the 40, I’ll have to share it with the previous 39 and so on. Am I doing something wrong ??? We’re ready to make the jump, but setting up 40 terminals and interfacing them one by one sounds crazy. I’m sorry if it’s an FAQ. Thanks BB

You probably need to write some scripts to automate that, there is nothing for doing un-attended deployments and cluster configuration.

There is Arigi, which is a commercial product, but it’s mostly useful for configuration, not for deployment.

You can in theory pregenerate the certificates and the configs and then distribute them.

Also, syncthing is not bug free, so perhaps you should trial it/make sure it suits you before going all in.

What Audrius said: Some tool to deploy/config would definitely be best, there’s a bit of info/templates here: Community Contributions — Syncthing v1 documentation (might be outdated though).

A lighter option is the “Introducer” feature (which still is a lot better with a bit of scripting involved). With that you still need to setup syncthing with the folder to be shared on every device and add the same device on all these devices with the “introducer” option enabled (for this you could pre-create a config), and on that one device accept all those devices, but then all other connections happen automatically.

Almost nothing is. And Syncthing is pretty good. (Totally unbiased opinion here) :slight_smile:

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