Setting up Syncthing using batch script


I want to give a syncthing copy to somebody who is not that familiar with computers :wink:

Is there any way to set up syncthing (generate keys on first start & add folders and devices) using a batch script, so that person only has to click on “install.bat” and the script does all the stuff?

Thanks for your tips and ideas!

Best, luke

You can run Syncthing on your computer as syncthing -home somedir and it will create certificates and config in somedir. You can then use the GUI to configure it as you like. When done, stop Syncthing, zip up the directory and send it to them. Or with a bat file to copy the resulting certificate and config into right place.

Thanks. I thought about something like that. But if I add folders and paths on my computer it will use my local paths in the config, so on somebody elses computer the paths don’t exist, right?

Correct, the paths etc would need to be the ones you expect on the destination.

and there is no command line command or rest command to add folders (at least i didn’t find one in the docs)?

No, but the config file is text. It can be edited.

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