Setting up my own Syncthing update server

Hi all,

I looked at the json example in the documentation and mine currently like that:

[ { “tag_name”: “v0.14.41”, “prerelease”: false, “assets”: [ { “url”: “webserver/syncthing/syncthing-linux-amd64-v0.14.41.tar.gz”, “name”: “syncthing-linux-amd64-v0.14.41.tar.gz”, }, { “url”: “webserver/syncthing/”, “name”: “”, } ] } ]

I removed the http because the forum software doesn’t like it.

At the moment there is 0.14.40 on all machines. I get no update message so i guess there is a bug in the json file. I just uploaded the 2 zip files for win 64 bit and linux 64 bit and the json file. Have i forgotten something?

Greetings and thanks for helping, Simon

Looks right at a glance, compared to You can run Syncthing from the command line with the environment variable STTRACE=upgrade set. It’ll print various verbose info about what is happening in the upgrade process and which step or validation fails.

Hi Jakob,

The output of the log is:

[JTG4W] 2017/12/19 16:52:54.144017 upgrade_supported.go:103: INFO: Fetching rele ase information: invalid character ‘,’ looking for beginning of object key strin g [JTG4W] 2017/12/19 16:52:54.144017 main.go:1233: INFO: Automatic upgrade: no ver sion to select

Your JSON is invalid. Paste it into a JSON validator online, and you’ll see what’s wrong with it. (The example in the docs is also invalid, and the go parser might be able to handle this particular issue, but let’s eliminate it first…)

json example: meta.json (726 Bytes)

and check if “http://webserver/syncthing/meta.json” is there.

Yeah there’s trailing commas in the JSON, which is not valid.

Hi Jakob and all,

Thanks for helping. will fix that tomorrow. I always have some problems with the commas in json. smile

Greetings and thanks, Simon

I fixed the example in the docs to be valid JSON.

Thanks all. The update went gracefully.

Greetings, Simon

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