Setting Syncthing up on WD My Cloud Nas

Hi All,

i have been trying to setup Syncthing on WD My Cloud nas which is running v4 Firmware currently. iam running into an issue when i try running syncthing via ssh, i get runtime: kernel page size (65536) is larger than runtime page size (4096). from what i have reading so far, people have gotten around by ether modifying the code for syncthing or compiling go to allow 64k kernel sizes instead of 4k.




I’m in the same situation. Fortunately @ddubyat compiled a compatible file with the up-to-date minor version of syncthing (see Request for 64k binaries).

After installing you will run into the problem that MyCloud will “reset” the custom configuration on every restart, so your setup with autostart etc is not persistant. My workaround is to activate Dropbox in the admin panel and edit the Dropbox startup script.

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