Set time when the periodic scan should take place

Hello all!

is there a function where you can have the periodic scan start on e.g. every full hour or every half hour of the full hours?

The background is as follows: I always let the HDD that syncs my data go into spindown. However, since my folder pairs were created at different times, logically there are also different timestamps, so the HDD never really comes to rest.

If this feature does not exist, I ask a moderator to move the topic to Features.

Thanks a lot!

Yeah that’s not something you can do at the moment. What you can do is set the periodic scan interval to something very long and then trigger the actual scans via the API instead, at a time of your choosing.

Thank you for your quick reply. Can I manually change the timestamp to a full hour as a workaround? Then I would do that for all my orders.

No but see the addition I made to my reply above.

Yes, I saw it too late. You had added it again. I’m not familiar with the API at all, unfortunately. I use the GUI and the Android app.

Would be worth considering adding that, right?

Using the API is fairly simple. You can do it on both desktop and Android, although with no HDDs on the latter (or at least I’m assuming so :upside_down_face:), it’s only really necessary on the desktop side, right?

The API endpoints are listed at In this scenario, you will probably need to use On that page, there’s an example of how to use it utilising curl. Some more additions or modifications to the script are required, e.g. if your Syncthing instance is password protected or you want to use PowerShell instead of curl but it’s impossible to say anything more at this point without knowing the OS and other specifics of your setup.

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