Separate ignores for incoming and outgoing?

I’m attempting to achieve the ability to ignore receiving files in a specific folder but still be able to send files from that same folder. I can’t seem to figure out how to do it or if it’s even possible. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s the setup I’m trying to achieve:

  • Devices A and B are syncing with both folder types set to Send & Receive.
  • I want device B to ignore incoming files in the /foo/bar/ directory.
  • However I want device B to still be able to send any files put into it’s /foo/bar/ directory.
  • In other words, I want device A to be able to receive files from device B’s /foo/bar/ directory.
  • All other files in all other folders can sync bi-directionally.

When I create this ignore pattern on device B: /foo/bar/, it will not receive any files put into that folder from device A. However if I put a file into that folder on device B, it also won’t sync to device A even though device A has no ignore patterns.

Is there a way around this? Some method to separate ignore patterns for receiving and sending?

My use case, in case it’s relevant, is for syncing only proxy footage in my folder structure to a remote laptop and ignore the original, much larger footage (proxy footage is always in a subfolder called “Proxy” so it’s easy to make a pattern for). However, if while working on that laptop I decide to shoot additional footage and I put it into my footage folder, I’d like to still be able to sync that new footage back to my main computer so it’s there when I continue working on it at home. And ideally it doesn’t mean having to create a separate “New Laptop Footage” folder that isn’t ignored because I’d like to keep all the footage together on the home computer.

Once a directory/folder has been ignored, Syncthing pretends as though it doesn’t exist, so no receiving and/or sending of any contents.

There’s a potential workaround. It’s neither supported or recommended, but it’s doable: Am I able to nest shared folders in Syncthing?

Thanks for the info, gadget!

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