Sending files from server to android phone problem

I’m running syncthing on Openmediavault, and I have a problem with sending files from shared folder on the server to the phone. It never sync this way. There is no problem with sending files from the phone to server and delete files from the phone, but it never works opposite way - like there wouldn’t be an folder option “send&receive” in android app. Same thing when I want to sync folder with pictures, where I want to select pictures and delete on the server it always “out of sync”. Is there a chance to make it work like for example dropbox, where I can delete files on PC and it always sync new files from the phone?

Android folders by default are send only, so you need to change the type when creating them.

Ok thanks, but switching option send only - on or off, is not giving me any difference.

I suggest you remove the folder, stop syncthing, restart the app, add the folder with send only disabled.

I did it few times and I noticed that it works only when folder on Android device is located in /data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files any other location is read only.

Yes, this is explained in the FAQ I believe.

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