Send Only with existing content


I switched from (paid) Resilio Sync to Syncthing. Very happy so far, but I ran into one issue that I’d like your help on.

I back-up phone photos to my NAS. Have been doing it for years. On NAS:



On my phone I configured two send only folders: Camera and Whatsapp Images. On my NAS I pointed the folder to the existing location (a.k.a where my 8+yrs archive is). The sync is working, but Syncthing deleted my entire archive and replaced it with the content that is on the phone right now. I meant to only add the phone content and of course preserve everything that was on the NAS. I have a backup, so I didn’t lose anything, but how do I configure this correctly?

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you may want a regular two-way sync with some of the items from the server ignored on the phone, but I’m not sure.

The behaviour I’m looking for is the same as the backup functionality in Google Drive and Dropbox on a phone. The ability to sync your mobile pictures to a folder that keeps growing. If content is deleted from phone it should remain in the folder on my NAS. Is this possible? I know for sure this is a use case that works on any other sync platform (Resilio, Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive).

That is possibly, if you set the ignore delete option on the NAS side.


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