Send-only folder in destination machines

I have Syncthing 0.14.31 running under Windows 10 in both my server (A) and clients (B, C) machines, and I need to share a folder from A to B and C, disregarding the changes made in B or C.

So I set a folder share as send-only mode in A to be shared among B and C, but when the syncthing client (synctrazor) asks me to accept the incoming folder share from A, I do not know if I should check it as send-only or send and receive folder in the client machines B and C.

Common sense says it should be marked as send and receive in the clients, so the changes from A get written in both B and C and when trying to write the changes from B and C to A, they should be denied as in A it is configured as send-only, but I am not pretty sure, as this way I guess the changes from B get written in C (and then overwritten from the changes from A), so it would be a mess.

Summing it up:

A (server) —> Send-Only B (client) —> Send and Receive? C (client) —> Send and Receive?

Thanks in advance.

Everything you said is correct and your sum-up is how you need to configure it. Unfortunately, there is no receive-only yet.

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Thanks a lot, that receive-only feature would make Syncthing even better than it is already.

Keep up the good work.

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