Self hosted Discovery server issue

I’m having an issue with setting up a self hosted Discovery server, Im running discosrv on a box at home as well as the syncthing program. Now I’v port forwared the discovery port. and my latop at work can the server ok (it says ‘online’) but I cant get the 2 nodes to see each other. I have also turned off my firwall on ther server and laptop

For the server running discosrv iv tried

<globalAnnounceServer>'SERVER NAME':22026</globalAnnounceServer>"

but nothing works. It is possibe to have the Discovery server and the syncthing running on the same box? yes?

I think the syncthing instance at home will send a local ip to the discovery server so other devices will get a wrong IP. The server should get the right IP from the laptop so a connection in this direction should be possible if you forwarded syncthings port (default 22000) to your laptop at work.

Another thing: if you only want 2 devices you could also just set a static IP in your node configuration and you will not need a discovery server.

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I think this is exactly the issue.

(I’m assuming you’re using some sort of NAT).

You’ll need to set up your gateway to use reflection as well as port forwarding, and make sure your machines on your LAN use the gateway’s public IP, and not connect to your discovery server via it’s LAN IP.

Sorry about the slow reply, I’v spend the last few days on and off figering out how I wanna go about solving this in the most simples and minimal way. Also been looking at btsync ( long story short, I read the terms and agreements to btsync and was not impressed, cant really tell if they are tracking my stuff or not ).

So what im going to do to solve this is just link back to my home server, and have any other clients I want to share just use it as a main repo. The reason I really wanted have my own discosrv is because I liked the idea of having other clients that arnt my main server still finding each other (Mainly my laptop and my partners latop, which both move around a bit) Now I know I can use, but I dont like relying on other peoples single point of failures, I like to be in charge of my own stuff. But due to the issue of discosrv giving the wrong IP address to external clients when discosrv and an instance of syncthing are in the same network. I think what I am doing is best. Thanks for all the suggestions.

I agree with that on principle, yet, until syncthing’s public server actually fails or proves to be unrealiable, I’ve no issue using it. We always have the source to set up our own in case it does, and I believe that is what’s really important. Maybe you should consider using it too, since you can rest easy that should it fail, it won’t be impossible to replace it (contrary to btsync: should it fail, it’s game over).