Selective syncing of folders - i.e., choosing not to download EVERYTHING

Hey folks - sorry if this is a common topic, but I have been searching and I still cannot find an answer.

I wonder if there is a “selective sync” capability built within Syncthing. I mean it in the same way that Dropbox means it.

So let’s say I “sync” or rather “share” a folder with 100 subfolders in it. And the other user just wants to download the contents of 2 or 3 of those folders, not all 100. Maybe sort of like an FTP site. Is this possible?

I am also looking into this feature within Syncthing because Resilio offers it as a “Pro” feature. Hoping to get this functionality for free.

Can someone tell me if this is possible? Does this sort of functionality have a special name within Syncthing?

Thanks a lot!

Looks like this question has been asked for years but I’m not seeing the answer I want.

I see a lot of talk about these .stignore files.

So there’s no way to do this with the GUI? Like a checkbox that you click if you want or don’t want a folder?

No, unfortunately not (

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Thanks for the Github link and for the definitive “no” answer! Looks like this is a popular request. Any idea why hasn’t it been implemented?

It’s some work and nobody had enough time/cared enough to follow through with it.

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Understood. Thanks again for your help!

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