Selective sync: Search for easy approach

Although this topic is discussed for years, I was not able to find a useful solution.

Given a directory-structure like


  • project4711
    • Documentation
    • Source
    • Mail
  • project4712
    • Source
    • Pictures year2017
  • project3810

In basic I want to have a complete sync of ALL directories, but NO files.

If I want now to work with a specific project, I like to add it to the .stingnore somehow like !/year2018/project4712* And I expect to have a sync of all files of the project including and below “project4712”.

And the optional (optimal :wink: features:

  • If the “project-include” is removed, also the project-directory should be emptied
  • To have also empty-files (0-Bytes) like in BTSync/Resilio

Any help much appreciated!

Thanks and Regards Klaus

Its not possible unless you explicitly list each and every path.

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