Selecting folders from root, like /data

I am able to sync folders on the SDcard but no select folders like /data or /system

I tried using the advanced folder picker but it made no difference. I searched online and found this issue & the excerpted quote below. But it didn’t help either.

Kindly help me do this !

As suggested in /issues/200

“Edit: I actually forgot about this, but there’s a “use advanced folder picker” option, which lets you start from /. So that should be fine, right?”

Actually although Nutomic comments as above (in quotes), I could not get it work. I did give root permissions too. The folder selection still goes only upto SDCard. I think its a problem with syncthing folder GUI ?


in my opinion, trying to sync /data or /system is not a good idea at all. I advice you to find a better solution. Especially apps /data/data/ directories could be backed up by various tools like TitaniumBackup, oandbackup, Xiaomi local backup or the open source tool from Izzy called “Adebar” (Android Backup And Restore).

If something goes wrong with those directories, you would accidentially end up in a bootloop or so.


Kind regards Catfriend1

Thanks for the advice. I will check out these tools. But other than the aspect of permissions and ownerships being lost, why should there be any problem with syncthing? Syncthing is simply amazing since it does all the stuff easily and once you set it, you can forget it. This is what I find very good (apart from the windows part being portable (non-installable)).

Any developer seeing this, please consider the following since I think effort is not huge. If I don’t care about the permissions and ownerships, as Nutomic mentioned in the post, can you please enable this feature.

Hi, thanks for the info on the other backup methods. But I use windows and the oandbackup is still in beta. And for me backup/restore is easier with Syncthing because everything is setup. E.g. the period, the server to backup to etc.

So I do want to use syncthing. It has root support and as per the excerpt above / Nutomic comments, I would like to use it. The issue might be just a limitation in the GUI to be able to go or show other than SDcard, nothing else. And hence mostly will be a simple fix.

Request you to kindly update the GUI to support this very useful feature.

Sorry, but for me it is a no. If I encourage people syncing /data I expect to hear about a lot of broken phones if the accidentially changed the folder type, via wrapper or Syncthing’s Web UI. I respect you’d know what you are doing but then bringing this manually into your config.xml via root (text editor) should be the hurdle to take for you in my eyes.

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