Select which interface to use (don't use VPN)

Hi all,

Windows 10 x64, SyncThing v0.14.49, using SyncTrayzor.

I have two interfaces:

  • a network interface which gets an IP address from the range
  • a VPN interface which gets a random IP address

Both connect to the internet.

I would like to configure SyncThing to not use the VPN interface and always go “directly” to the internet, skipping the VPN.
I don’t think I can use the “Allowed Networks” since it’s not the remote device networks I want to filter but my own (I want SyncThing to always go out using the interface).

Is this possible? Am I perhaps misunderstanding something?

Thank you.

If your 192.168…/24 IP address is static (or can be set to something static) you can just bind Syncthing to that address, I think it’s Actions -> Settings -> Connections -> Sync Protocol Listen Addresses.

Thank you, I will try tcp://

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