Seed Large Folder

I have a lightroom catalog that I want to sync between my notebook and my desktop. It has about 150,000 files and is about 18GB. I copied it to an sd card and then to my notebook and then setup the replication on both machines. When it runs it says that its almost completely out of sync. I guess I should have used xcopy or robocopy to do this? I was hoping to save some time by seeding it but I don’t think it did.

As soon as it starts “syncing” it will see, that the blocks of all files are the same and use the existing files instead of transferring them.

If the files have different timestamps you could end up with a conflict file for each of your files.

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Even in this case though, the conflict resolution consist of picking one of the timestamps. The data will still be left intact and not transferred again.

I figured it out, I had accidently chosen subfolder on one of the pc’s which caused the issue. After finding that it seems to be working great. Thanks for reply

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