Secure storage at intermediate server?

Hello All!

I was a heavy Resilio user and synced everything between my computers, servers and mobiles. But due to some not solved problems with their mobile app I have to half migrate to Syncthing. And the only one feature that is implemented in Resilio but not in Syncthing prevents me from the complete movement to Syncthing. Resilio has an encrypted storage of files at intermediate servers. For example, I sync date between my two PCs located at different locations. Because they are located at different locations they don’t work simultaneously and I have to introduce an intermediate server. With Resilio I can use this server without any fear because all my files stored there in sync folder are encrypted by Resilio and even if the server is lost by somehow noone could get data from my files without the key.

I’ll be glad if similar feature can be introduced in Syncthing also.

PS. Using an encrypted FS at the intermediate servers is not an option because in a case of reboot of the servers they should start their work automatically and without any user assistance.

It’s coming, at some point.