Searching strings for translation

Please, where do we see the strings 72 “Folder”, 164 “Share” and 165 “Share Folder” in the GUI. I can’t find. Although it is a very great help having the ability to switch language on the fly without the need to have one installation for each language or restarting after each switch.


Download the source code and use windows text search?

Gnome-search finds 72 164 & 165 nowhere. grep -r “Share Folder” finds in index.html but this is no help for me, worse with Folder and Share that appear everywhere and I can’t understand html code. grep -r 72 or 164 or 165 return huge list.

I miswrote my question: I’m working on translation suggestions for French and “Where can we see in the GUI the strings above, not in the code”

Thank you

I have no idea what you mean by 72, 164 and 165.

We translate not by integers, but by using the English phrases.

Generally speaking, search the html files in the gui directory. But it’s also the case that there are strings that have been in use but currently are not. Your examples might be some of those.

This is surely why I don’t find. I parsed all gui options & menu, but the warnings/popups I can’t all trigger.

Thank you

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These are string numbers in transifex

They’re just assigned by Transifex: they’re not used anywhere.

Thanks, I was made aware some way by Audrius. It just a reply to Audrius who seemed to ignore what the numbers were. As a newb I wrongly thought they were there reference.