sdcard1 files cannot be synced

I’m sure this is one of those “Android denies access to secondary storage” things, but I don’t see it explained here.

All of the important files I want to sync are on the removable SD card. ie: sdcard1 But the only thing I can sync from is sdcard0, ST treats it as /, and that’s not the case.

This is a fairly serious problem for those of us abandoning btsync. After using SyncTool I prefer this application, but if it can’t sync my files it’s not even an option. Please tell me this is being addressed in the next release.

If you have Lollipop, your second sdcard might not be accessible to apps.

You can try “use advanced folder picker” in the settings, and select sdcard1 with that.

YES! Many thanks…

I’m surprised it doesn’t show up by default tbh…

It also presents a little differently to the usual file navigation views: st shows: /storage/sdcard0 / whereas anything else generally shows /storage/sdcard0 /storage/sdcard1 or rather makes the user navigate to / and enter /storage first. But along the way the other bits of the heirarchy are presented. ST may be overthinking/oversimplifying how the filesystem is presented to the user.

What android version do you have?

Apparently only KitKat and later has an api yo get all external storage directories. Before kitkat, only the first one is returned.

However, I could just show everything in /storage by default.

4.2.1 on a Kogan Agora HD+

Defaulting to /storage sounds intuitive. That’s what my phone does, I assume most others would also.

Yep, I implemented that for the next version (in addition to the currently available folders)

Possibly already fixed, but I’ll mention it here anyway: Syncthing Version:0.10.30 Syncthing-Android Version:0.5.28

“use advanced folder picker” In both checked and unchecked state displays /storage/sdcard0 twice and incorrectly sorted. ie: /storage/sdcard0 /storage/sdcard1 /storage/sdcard0

Yeah that’s kind of an implementation problem. Currently, it lists the main external storage (sdcard0), and all subfolders of /storage.

Could you please open an issue for this?