Scans entire device!

So, when I install Syncthing, the first thing it does is scan my entire device and try to send gigabytes worth of things to the other devices I’ve linked to. It doesn’t seem to matter where I put the folder I create. All I really want is to have one folder that I can choose to put a file or folder in periodically when I want something to be synced across devices. How do I stop this behavior of scanning the entire device and trying to send everything? Thank you.

LGv30 Android 9 Samsung J7 Android 8.1 iPad 7th Gen iOS 14.5.1 Asus ux331f Pop!_OS 21.04.

Edited: “If you are using a Syncthing flavor that adds OS specific functionality (e.g. the Android app), you may need to access the Web GUI to enable syncing folders, and other configuration options.”

Is that the first clue? The iPad has a default folder as it should. The LG V30 doesn’t.

So, the address of the webGUI is… http://localhost:8384/ but it requires a login and password. Where do we get that from?

Ok, I just found access to the webGUI from within the Android app.

Well it’s running in one dirección at least. From the iPad to the Android LG. Now how to get it to send something back the other way? Anybody?

All right folks, I’m sorry, I’m done. I’m deleting the whole thing. It’s trying to sync 7 GB from my phone to the ipad. That’s not what I want it to do. Seriously. I don’t have that kind of room on the iPad and I don’t have that kind of data to waste. None of this makes any sense.

Also, the QR scan on the Android app wasn’t working. Had to import the whole 56 character code.

Obviously, this things does work for most of you. Would like to get it going somehow, but this has taken hours this afternoon. Nothing to show for it.

The Android application has the camera folder added by default as Send Only. I would imagine that this can be a part of the problem here. If possible, I would suggest to post screenshots of the Syncthing’s Web GUI from all devices, so that others can see what the configuration actually looks like.

The QR scan not working may be due to the OS blocking access to the camera. Normally, the stock Android asks for relevant permissions when launching an application for the first time, but LG and/or Samsung may have their own ways.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll pick this up another day. Not against tinkering, just not today.

Best wishes.

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