Scanning Too Slow

Hi, I have problem with syncing data to my android. It is working fine and done approx 70 GB of data copy to android device out of 103 GB. So, i have some urgent work to do and when i came back, it starts scanning. It is too slow as it only scan 5GB of data within 5 hrs and it is still showing > 1 month :thinking:.

Is there anyway to speedup process and sync remaining of my data to android device?

Using Android 11 device
Syncthing android beta v1.11.0-rc.3
Transferring data from Mac to android device.

How powerful is the Android device?

What I personally do is to sync multiple smaller folders rather a few large ones. This way it is always possible to pause/unpause the less important ones to make way for synchronisation of the others. Also, with multiple smaller folders, you can fine-tune their configuration, e.g. tweak the Full Rescan Interval to scan the less important folders only once per day, etc.

Thanks for quick reply.

I’m Using OnePlus 6T Mclaren and it is quick powerful device.

Could you suggest some configuration / params to speedup this process i.e. Puller, Hasher and Copier or any other configuration which helps things get faster?

I doubt that tweaking those will have much impact. I only touch them on very low-end hardware to reduce CPU/RAM usage, and otherwise I just leave them at default.

Can you perhaps post some screenshots from the Syncthing’s Web GUI in Android to see how the configuration looks like?

Thanks for your help. It is working now as i tweak some parameters for hashing and copying which improve small files syncing.

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