Scanning Rescan Internal rules of thumb?

Is there a rule of thumb for Rescan Interval? For first time scan? Maybe it doesn’t matter?

I have just over 1 TB backup folder with 50 files. Main files are 200-300gb with daily incremental. After 9 hours it was at 49% and I it wasn’t updating any longer. The scanning time remaining was to the power of something.

Anyway, I changed Rescan Interval to 43200 seconds and restarted it. Since I did that and started to make this post it’s up to 15% now in the last 20 minutes or so.

I like the flexibility with this platform, so I am testing it out from NAS to NAS.

Scanning stuck at 48% for over 12 hours now…again. Says 22 days and 6 hours left. This can’t be normal.

It all depends on the CPU power. As it starts up it prints the hash rate.

And a couple of other things like disk business and free RAM, but yeah. The interval doesn’t have anything to do with this, that just regulates how often we check for more changes once the initial scan is done.

My problem seems to be that the initial scan doesnt complete.

Should I start with a blank folder and drop the files into it after the initial scan has completed?

It doesn’t complete because you either have slow disk or slow CPU. You can drop files one by one, but you will still have to scan all of it in the end.

quad core celeron and 7200 rpm hgst ultrastars


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