Scanning keeps restarting on Time Machine network volume

I’m trying to use ST to mirror backup folders between two NAS devices. One of the sites has a couple of Macs that are backing up via Time Machine to a NAS.

Time Machine, in some form or another, always seems to be touching rather large files in the backup folder it creates on the network location I’m backing up to. As it completes its scan of a backup folder, there are usually a dozen or so files that change during hashing and go on the failed list. Immediately after completing the scan, it starts the scan all over again, seemingly over the entire dataset rather than just the failed files. When it rescans, a different set of files has been touched and it repeats the scan once again. Because a couple files always seem to get touched during each scan, it never actually stops scanning.

I have watching and resync turned off completely for testing and still can’t get it to give up.

Is there some combination of settings that will allow me to avoid this? I get the theory here of what ST is doing, I’m just not sure how to get to a point where I can sustainably mirror this folder. Any suggestions?

Time Machine does odd things with hard links to directories which, to Syncthing, will look like an entire new set of data at each backup. I don’t think it’s easily syncable using Syncthing. Or any normal sync program, for that matter.

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