Scanning issues

Ok, so I am having issues with absolutly turtle speed scanning. I have 3 folders set to sync.

1st folder is 134GB, 710 files, 304 folders. It took 10 minutes to scan on one NAS, and 15 minutes on the other.
2nd folder is 7.47TB, 10,088 files, 5,188 folders. This is projected to take 13/18 hrs.
3rd folder is 16.0TB, 73,598 files, 2,686 folders. Projected to take a days.

Is this software going to work, or am I doing something wrong.

This is syncing between 2 NAS boxes. a Synology DS1520+ (DSM7.2) and WD PR4100 (os 5.26)

EDIT: added information.

That’s about 134 * 1024 / 10 / 60 ~= 228 MiB per second. That seems reasonable as read + hashing speed, about what I’d expect.

That’s 7.47 * 1024 * 1024 / {13, 18} / 60 / 60 ~= {167, 120} MiB / s which is less, but might increase along the way. It still seems in the realm of the reasonable, these are not exactly speed demons (Celeron CPUs, spinning SATA disks, etc.).

I know other solutions like synology drive and goodsync are actually really quick when it comes to scan/analyze, within minutes. Just seems crazy that its so slow.

So will rescan’s take as long?

Short answer, no. Longer answer.

Note that GoodSync, Unison and other similar file synchronization tools don’t use hashes/checksums by default because it requires considerably more system resources.

For a fair comparison between Syncthing vs. GoodSync scanning speed, checksums really must be enabled in GoodSync (Job → Advanced → Analyze: Compare MD5s).

With quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 @ 2.00GHz / 8GB RAM (DS1520+) and Intel Pentium N3710 @ 1.60GHz / 4GB RAM (PR4100) CPUs – the N3710 has a comparatively low single-thread rating – it’d be surprising if GoodSync’s initial scan with checksums enabled is completed within minutes.

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