Scanner: operation not permitted

Hy guys, please help me with my fresh installation on mac os 10.16. Installed the app with brew, version 1.7.1 Started as a service with ‘brew services start syncthing’ so it’s run using my account The issue is with ~/Documents folder, the log says: [UFIJF] 19:34:37 INFO: Scanner (folder qqhtt-wjxze, item “.”): scan: open /Users/USERNAME/Documents: operation not permitted

But when I run it from command line (not as a service, using the same account) I don’t have any issues…

Checked file permissions, it’s quite the same as default ~/Sync folder - 755

Accessing some folders like Documents requires specific permissions. It may help to open the system preferences, security tab, “full disk access” section and drag the Syncthing binary there. (Or google it for details, this is from memory while on mobile.)

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This helped :+1:

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