Same folder to sync for multiple Windows users

Hi there, I’d like to sync a folder stored on a server with a Windows machine shared by 5 people. Each have their own account on that machine. How do I set Syncthing to sync the folder I want on the Windows machine (let say in C:\Share) so each person can access/sync the files within the folder without having to recreate the config for each user profile ? Is there a way to achieve such behavior using the CLI maybe and launch in at user logon ?

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Have you checked Without any external tools, you should be able to simply set Syncthing to run on startup under your single user of choice (see and then configure it to manage the folder that is located in a path accessible by everyone. This way, it won’t be necessary to run multiple instances of Syncthing.

Alternatively, you can use the other solutions that are listed in the Docs, e.g. to run Syncthing as a service.

Hi, I have checked both docs but was unsure on how would Syncthing pick the right config file to sync the right folder using either the task scheduler or the run as a service option. I’m gonna give it a try without specific instructions as per the docs and will get back to you. Thanks

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a feasible solution for your use case, but one can direct Syncthing to a specific place to look for the config file and database using the --config and --data flags, alternatively --home which is equal to both those flags.

One option would be to install Syncthing as a service:

Hello, I’ve ended up using the version from @billstewart using the Administrative installation mode which does exactly what I was looking for by synchronising a folder (from a server) for all users in a laptop. VEry straightforward. Thanks a lot !


Great - thanks for the feedback!

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