Safe characters for Linux-Windows crossplataform synchronizing?

Hi all.

I’m planning to sync my music collection between Linux-Windows machines. I’m affraid of getting character incompatibilities between plataforms, particularly spanish characters like ñ and accent marks.

I can first of all rename the files to avoid this incompatibilities but I don’t really know what characters are safe, Is there any list of safe crossplataform characters?

Thanks in advance.

All word characters of all languages are safe, as long as you use UTF-8 encoding on both sides. This is the default for many (most?) installations, probably all modern Unixes, Windows and Macs, but there are systems with legacy encodings that may confuse Syncthing, especially in Asia.

Apart from that, Windows has a bunch of extra restrictions on file names. They can’t include any of these characters, can’t end in space, can’t be called nul, com0 and a bunch of other reserved things.

Stay away from those and use UTF-8 everywhere and you should be fine.

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Do you mean that syncthing does NFD / NFC / NFKD / NFKC normalization? Otherwise you can certainly expect issues.

I think it deals with NFC NFD

Yes, we do normalization for the host operating system (essentially NFD for Mac and NFC everywhere else).


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