S22 Ultra -- Syncthing is killed often, and does not restart even after "Restart on wakeup" is enabled

S22 Ultra.

About 5 minutes after closing syncthing (1.21.0) the web app version crashes which I assume means the app has been stopped by something that Samsung is doing.

Running android 13.

I tried following don’t kill my app but it’s not updated for android 13. If I hold down the app and go to battery it is currently set to “Unrestricted”

When it is killed the option to restart it should allow it to run again, but it seems this option “restart upon wakeup” has been disabled somehow (not me).


If nothing else helps, the Syncthing app has an option to run in foreground. Please try enabling it and see whether there’s any improvement. There will likely be additional battery drain because of it though.

That option wouldn’t help here. It was only about Syncthing itself, not the app, so without the app running, it would be useless anyway.

You mean the “Keep the CPU awake while syncthing is running” under advanced options? I already have that enabled

It seems like the moment that syncthing isn’t the foreground app (even with the screen on), I see upon loading web GUI “net:ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” … indicating it has been shut down somehow? What’s weird is that if I pull down the notification bar I see the message “Syncthing is running” but it doesn’t seem to send any data at all. Is this a bug I should report on github? I.e. it might actually be running but isn’t syncing until a manual restart (and again, only syncs while screen is on and app is running in the foreground)?

Further testing; as soon as the screen is turned OFF (i.e. hit the power button)… syncthing seems to crash. Only way to get it to sync is to have the screen turned on and the application in the foreground. : \

still experiencing this problem. should I log a bug on github?

I’d suggest to at least grab a logcat (see https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/logcat) beforehand if you want to open an issue, otherwise no-one will probably be able to help. To keep the log short, you can restart the phone first, then open Syncthing, then turn the screen off to trigger the crash, then right after that grab the logcat, and then attach it to the issue.

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