Running two syncthing servers, one is unable to send data to the other

Hello people. This is my first try with syncthing, and it seems that I am missing something important.

I have run two instances of syncthing, one local to my machine and one headless to my server. In order to access my server I did something like ssh -L 8000:localhost:8384 [my server]

I was able to connect the two machines and everything was as expected.

Today, for a second time, I re-launch the servers (no, I didn’t let them run by themselves). Now although one understands the other, for both servers the other is Unused and the folder Unshared.

In their logs it seems that they are still understanding each other, or at least they try to.

I tried to uncouple the servers and the folders and recouple them, but the situation is the same.

Could you help me here? What I am doing wrong?

You have not shared the folder with the other device. Its not enough just to add folders.

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What Audrius’ said. Concretely, check that the folders on each side have the same ID and the other device checked for sharing.

Thank you, that was it. I had to make sure that the folder id is the same between the two installations. I don’t know what happened and got out of sync.

In new folders, this step is performed practically automatically, so in general the whole procedure seems to be smooth.

Thank you again for your hints!

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