Running two instances of syncthing on the same machine

I tried running syncthing with debian on cubietruck.

I run one instance as user “cubie” another instance as user “atom”.

There was a problem with address and syncing was not running well.

Is it possible to run syncthing twice? And what should i configure therefore?

regards, gg

You will need to tell one of them to:

  1. Listen on another GUI port (default is 8384)
  2. Listen on another protocol port (default is 22000)

I will tell, why I want to do this.

I have three machines. No 1: A Shuttle with Atom D525 CPU, running win 8.1 No 2: cubietruck, running Debian No 3: HP 8540p, running win 7

Snycthing works good with No 2 and No 3.

When syncthing is running on the No 1 (Atom-CPU), the machine is very slow, you can not work well with this machine.

I tried to use a raspberry pi, mounted the Directories from No1 and run syncthing on the raspberry. Syncing with raspberry is very slowly, but working with machine No 1 is possible.

I have the Idea to mount the directories vrom No 1 on my cubietruck and run a second instance on then cubietruck to sync machine No 1 with No 2 and 3.

I tried this settings: User cubie: Gui-Port 8080, protocoll Port 22000 User atom: GUI-Port 8081, protocoll Port 22001

I could open the the two GUIs, but the machine with 22001 was not in the “syncing-group”.