Running Syncthing using a systemd script produces no syncthing.log

Our server has been setup as in here: Getting Syncthing running with a central file server running CentOS 7 minimal setup and windows clients

Set up this way SYncthing doesn’t produce any log, we can only get recent output using systemctl status syncthing@<username>

It only logs to a file on Windows due to poor pipe support. On other distros, it’s up to you to set up the right plumbing, log rotation and so on.

Just add >> syncthing.log to the command.

Ahh I didn’t reallise that was only done for Windows. Would it be a possibility to add an option to specify a log path that would log to there no matter what OS you’re on?

Read through: (actually its )

We make an exception for Windows as it doesn’t have logging daemons like all other OS’es.

After reading through that GitHub issue - I agree with the current approach… as you say it’s a non-issue.