Running syncthing on a web hosting service - any docs or gotchas?

I want to try running syncthing on an account I have with a web hosting provider (TsoHost in UK, if it’s relevant). I have ssh access to a bash command line on the hosting service. I have checked and the standard AMD64 release runs quite happily there.

So, is there any documentation that might help me? I don’t have root access (it’s not a virtual server) so I can’t do a ‘proper’ install. Are there any problems in doing this that I should be aware of? Is it even possible?

I don’t think there is any documentation for that. You could just download the release from github, extract the binary and run it, but then you’ll have issues with how to keep it running when you close the shell (which you can google), I also suspect you won’t be able to access the ui as the machine probably has unexpected ports firewalled off.

I think there have been threads for both apache and nginx reverse proxies, one of which probably runs on your hosting. However often when it’s a pure hosting as opposed to a web server you have script execution time limits.

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