Running syncthing as root: Out of sync

I switched to run syncthing as root service with sudo systemctl start syncthing@myusername.service and also enabled it. I don’t like to use the user service, as I’ve some folders/files that are not owned by myself but the http user entirely. The reason I switched to is the problem with permissions. Now I run out-of-sync again even though root can access all files. Why does this happen?

In the Web GUI, click on the link in the share’s expanded pane and it should tell you why files aren’t syncing.

Running syncthing from root on your client doesn’t result in all the synchonizeded files to be owned by root? AFAIK syncthing creates files with the user you use to launch it… am I wrong?

The permissions are denied. I already know this before.

If Syncthing is reporting permission denied, then it isn’t at fault. It is trying to access a file and the operating system is denying access. You’ll need to diagnose this problem before Syncthing can access the files.

How can it have problems with permissions if I run syncthing as root service on both machines?

Because you don’t, you only start the service as root. To run Syncthing as root, you need to run it as sudo systemctl start syncthing@root.service

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