Run Mac terminal session hidden?

Is there a way to run Syncthing on the Mac without seeing the terminal session in the dock? (i.e. completely hidden)

syncthing & disown && exit should work in bash.

I still get a warning that closing the terminal window will shut down syncthing

Just search the forums, there is a bunch of how-to’s

This worked

I spoke to soon. It seems that after following the instructions from the link in my previous post, syncing only occurs when I have a browser tab open for the local interface, and does not happen in the background on its own.

Is there a way to run the Mac app in the background without having a browser tab open to the admin interface, and without having a terminal window open?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A browser tab open has no influence as far as I am aware. Unless OS X somehow suspends syncthing to background?

I am not sure exactly what is going on. When I followed the instructions in the link above, I got a menu bar item for Syncthing. I have tested it under various conditions, and it appears that unless I activate a browser tab, I get no syncing at all. Once the browser tab is opened, syncing proceeds as expected, but only for as long as the tab is open. This suggests to me that sycnthing is not running in the background, and I am not sure how to get it to do so.

If you can point me to the correct how to instructions, I would appreciate it.

Doing some more troubleshooting on my end. (I should point out that I am far from an expert user)

When I enter the command launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/syncthing.plist in the terminal, I get a message that says Operation already in progress.

But when I check the Activity Monitor, I do not see any references to Syncthing. Should the Syncthing process show up there?

Reporting in once more to say that now things seem to be working OK. Nothing was changed by me, so I don’t know what happened on my end to make things start working.

One thing though - I am using the Xmenu setup that was linked to above, and every time I click on “Open in Browser”, I get a popup that says “There is no application set to open the URL %@. Search the App Store for an application that can open this document, or choose an existing application on your computer.” with choices to Cancel, Choose Application…, or Search App Store.

I have tried to set the browser as the application, but it doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone know how to fix this?