RPM package for Fedora

Hello ;

I was started to use Syncthing 6 days ago and I checked usage and I must say It was pretty nice to use on my own PC,Phone,Rs-pi all connected. But my main system Fedora so I created a github repository and put “spec” “RPMs” “SRPMS” and how to use it. It’s similar on OpenSUSE repository but I made more detailed SPEC file so we can easily create for separate arch.

I also put SRPM files too but It’s kinda different because of I’m also gonna make repository and getting files from github somehow It’s not working so I changed for now but RPMs are working fine I hope it will be useful for other Fedora users too. And in short time I will be add repository link to and make it more easier to install it.

Github Link : https://github.com/thunderbirdtr/syncthing_rpm

Thank you

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Thank you! I added this to the newly created “official” list; https://forum.syncthing.net/t/community-contributions-list/611

Wouw thank you so much for adding to list !! I will be work on that more and develop it.

Repository Link for both ARCH (i386,x86_64)


@thunderbirdtr Can you please update Syncthing COPR version to 0.9.13?

Since Syncthing is a system binary it can’t be upgraded from web interface and also we are using Systemd to enable/disable/start/stop/restart it what happens when I click Shutdown or Restart from the web interface. Are Shutdown or Restart from the web interface honored by Syncthing installed through COPR repo?

Hello @donniezazen first sorry for late answer and build I was in hospital. Now I’m back to my laptop and build started already. For controlling If you wanna shutdown or restart you need to do that over “systemd” service and when you click that button It’s do nothing because of permission on system (user-root relationship) and

For this point If you update It will be update version restart service and you good to go.

Last Note : COPR build started It will be in very very soon and you will have updated version too. Sorry for delaying

Thank you.

@donniezazen well It’s already done

syncthing 0.9.13 14-09-09 16:14 EEST 4 minutes succeeded


@thunderbirdtr Thanks, I have just recieved the update.

Basically, anything like shutdown or restart would require to be done manually using systemd. Is that correct?

Yes we should do it with systemd.

If you add the ‘Restart=always’ line in the systemd service file, you can still restart Syncthing from the web GUI without having to manually restart the service. Shutdown still has be via systemctl, however.


Any chance you could do builds for F21 in the copr? I’ve already updated my main laptop and desktops to the F21 alpha.