Roled back to a old version...

I use sync for replicate a set o files to two different off-site computers

I only turn one of them on from time to time, for be able to “catch up” with the current status.

But looks like when I turned it on for the last time, the files on this computer, some how were propagated over the other computers are generated conflicts, that looks like I fixed the wrong way (choosing the newer version) because now, those old files have been propagated to the rest of the computers

What did I do wrong? How can I prevent it from happening again?

Cheers JD

I don’t know what rolled back means, but if you had no database on startup but files were there, and they were different between the two machines, then this is expected.

What I meant is that an older version of the files were written on the other machines and for some reason they didn’t got copied in the .stversions folder…

How can loose hundreds of files can be that expected?? Isn’t there any safety checks? The files were one year older!!!

Any configuration set for preventing that to happen again??

Not very happy about it. JD

Again, there is not enough detail to give a sensible answer. Rolling back potentially removed the database, which as a result removed any ability to do any safety checks.

Shouldn’t that be a receive-only folder, then?

Sorry, by “rolling back” I meant that one system propagated to the others files that were the current status when that particular system was last time online.

I have a laptop that I only use when I travel. I turned it on, after a few months, for allow it to “catch up” with my latest status.

BUT, instead of receiving the latest files from my “work machine” and the “backup machine”, it pushed to them its own status, files a few months old.

I don’t get to logic for check the newest version of a file, where can I find it documented?

Cheres JD

No, it is a “travel laptop” anything get touched there for months, but then when I travel, all my work is done on it

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