right problems on synology nas

Hello I was able to do a first synchro between my phone folder and a folder on my Nas. Right are correctly configured on my Nas and syncthing was able to create the folder .stfolder on the Nas.

But syncthing can’t create the .stignore file, here is the error :

2022-10-07 15:30:20: Saving .stignore: rename /volume1/photo/photo/synchro_portable/sd_card_camera/.syncthing.tmp.891259676 /volume1/photo/photo/synchro_portable/sd_card_camera/.stignore: permission denied

On another Nas folder it worked great. The folder where there is the problem is a folder inside photo shared folder that has a ‘special’ configuration for rights (ACL I think)

We should learn a bit more about installing Syncthing on the NAS. Is it a native SPK from SynoCommunity or a Docker image or another variant? In the case of the SPK, the installation also installs a system user, which is best placed in each folder to be shared and inherited in the subdirectories that contain subfolders to be synced.

In this respect, this does not have anything to do with the Linux ACL directly, because the permissions for the SPK’s are controlled via the DSM.

So, as I said, more details please. In any case, appropriate permissions must be assigned to the installation.

Thanks for your answer. It is installed from syno community docker.

I have a group sc-xxx that is used to provide rights on nas folder.

There is specific case for folder inside photo shared folder but I can provide rights to the group using synology photostation.

Rights seems to be ok because when it is not done I have an error message because .stfolder can’t be created.

But whereas this folder has been created I can’t add filter because I have the error message of my first post.

In such cases I reset the ACL rights via the console, I use WinSCP for this. I used root for owner and group and assigned octal 0777 with inheritance into the subdirectories. If necessary, I have then reset the permissions of the respective APP, then it should be possible.

But this is a bit experimental, so proceed with caution.

Thanks problem is resolved, in photostation I just needed to provide ‘manage’ right on the folder. Write access wasn’t enought for the ignore file. For the folder stfolder it was enought bit not for stignore.

That’s probably because .stfolder is only created, while .stignore is first written to a temporary file with different name, which then gets renamed to .stignore. This could be considered managing the folder, not just adding content, thus your solution makes sense.

Thanks for giving feedback about what worked for you.

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