RFE: Device descriptions

We have descriptions for folders, descriptions for devices would be nice too (and/or platform information).

They have names, which act as descriptions.

What description are you talking about? I only see ID and label while devices have ID and name. (same difference)

For a folder there is the syncthing internal name and the label.

For the device there is the ID, and the name. The name is short (like a hostname) and used in the logs, a description would be longer (like a location and some way to remember what this particular device of ten is, like “John’s Macbook Air” or “Linode VPS”).

You can use the name for whatever you want.

The logs get horrible when I do that. I’d like the name to be the name of the machine, and the description for describing the machine.

We almost never mention the device name in the logs though, do we? Once when enumerating them at startup, and when they connect we print what they claim to be called, and that’s pretty much it I think?