Revert to older version due to high cpu usage in 0.14.23?

Hello: I have been using ST (Windows) since the earliest days and for me, it has always worked perfectly, syncing about 12 directories on two servers. My ST requirements are simple! However, I am now seeing high levels of CPU usage (frequently up to 100%) - and three processes running (used to be two) on each of my servers. This (I think) is causing issues with other running processes on the servers. Question: Can i revert to an older (say 11.x) ST version (which for me worked fine) and have it NOT try to upgrade itself?? I have set the parameter “autoUpgradeIntervalH” to 0 on a test install of 11.x, but it still says ‘upgrade to 14.23’ on the GUI window. Will it? or will it just stay on the older version? Is there a ‘-no-upgrade’ command line option ?? Any information or help would be appreciated. Thank you.

There is no reason 0.14.23 specifically should use more CPU, and you should not have three processes running. I suggest you kill all three, start it again and see what happens.

As for reverting to “11.x” (I guess you mean 0.11) that sounds like an absolutely horrible idea but the choice is of course yours. You can disable upgrades in multiple ways, both in the GUI and via environment variable, documented in the --help output.

Thank you for getting back so quickly. i will check out the --help output. the servers that run ST are dual core, so is it worth my setting the env GOMAXPROCS to 1??? and - why are there three processes now? it is definitely one of these which, about every 20 seconds, is jumping up to 100% cpu time. Thank you.

I dont know, but look in the logs or on the console and there should hopefully be an explanation. Intuition says there is one instance running and someone else trying to start another one, in a loop. But really only you can find out the truth.

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