Revert local & Override Changes - Version control?

Hi there,

I’ve been RTFM’ing @Folder Types — Syncthing v1 documentation but it is unclear if these options (when pressed) will version the overridden files when version control is enabled (eg Trashcan, Simple, Staggered, External) on the relevant device.

I’ve also read File Versioning — Syncthing v1 documentation however the warning that ‘backups’ will not be made appears to only relate to local OS changes/deletions, not local SyncThing reverts and remote Overrides, as per above.

Does SyncThing move the locally overriden/deleted/changed files to .stversion when SyncThing overwrites them by pressing “Revert Local Changes” and/or “Override Changes” on Send/Recieve only folders when File Versionining is enabled?

Apologies if this has already been covered (i couldnt find it in the forums) - should be noted in the foldertypes section of the docs.


The .stversions folder is excluded from the actual synchronisation, so reverting/overriding changes will not affect it.

I think that there may be two special cases when such a folder could be affected though, i.e. a) when you have changed the default versioning path to something else (also located in a Syncthing folder) and/or b) if you have nested folders with versioning enabled and you revert changes in the parent folder.

Basically, if you stick to the defaults and don’t use nested folders, you should be fine. I would still recommend having proper backups just in case.

appologies - the question was a bit ambigious, so I’ve correct it.

I have confirmed when file version control is enabled, pressing “Revert Local” and “Override Changes” will move the files to the .stversion folder. For clarification (and to remove assumptions), that should be stated in the fileversion sesion of the docs :slight_smile: