Revert local changes (fool me twice)

So I didn’t quite get the “Revert Local Changes” and hit it at the very wrong moment. Nothing was lost but time. However, I want to get human confirmation that now is the right (or at least okay time) to hit it.

This is a “Receive Only” folder that was seeded with contents from a soon to be deprecated DFS system. This folder resides outside of the DFS share. The Global and local state are off by a few hundred files but that seems to be in line with the "Out of Sync Items) that should be sent after a rescan (boy are rescan’s painful).

All that said, if I click “Revert Local Changes”, would only the “5 items, ~3.51 MiB” be cleared? This seems like a completely obvious question, but like the Topic Says “Fool me twice” …

Since the target folder is set to “Receive Only”, there’s little benefit to enabling “Watch for Changes” (under the “Advanced” settings tab) unless you want to be quickly alerted about local changes (watching 185K directories and/or 2.2M files does consume system resources). The full rescan interval could also be extended beyond 30 days for the same reasons (restarting Syncthing and pausing/unpausing a folder automatically trigger a rescan).

Yes, only those listed under “Locally Changed Items”.

And because the Syncthing folder is set to “Receive Only”, the changes won’t be propagated to connected devices.

Thanks for the sanity check. I won’t lie. Hitting that seeing my global and local state finally matched is going to be fantabulous.

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