Revert local changes (but Source-Host is down) ?


I have a question regarding the new (wonderful!) folder-setting “Receive only” and “Revert local changes” button.


Device A with Folder A set to “Send only”

Device B has this Folder A set to “Receive only”

I’vd set up the “Receive only” option today,

but Device A is offline (an intended shut down) since 4 days. (So Folder A on Device B had no contact with Device A since 4 days.)

After a Rescan (Syncthing v0.14.51 arrived meanwhile and restarted Device B) of Folder A on Device B I now see the red button “Revert Local Changes”.

Question: What will happen, if I accidentially push the button?

It will go out of sync and fail to download the files as there is nobody that provides them.

Ok, next question is:

If Device B has a list with files to download (from offline Device A), can it also have a list with files to delete and then delete those locally?

Not sure I understand the question.

I was guessing, Syncthing could delete local files off Device B, because it offeres the “Revert Local Changes” button.

I’ve understood from what you’ve wrote: after the button is pressed, Syncthing will go out of sync because it cannot download files from Device A.

So there must be a “list” with files Device B wants to download from Device A (otherwise the button would make no sense to me, I guess).

I’m asking: is it possible that this “list” contains not only files to download, but also files to delete on Device B (and will those files be deleted after the button was pressed) ?

I’m just curious, because the button just popped up after I set up “Receive only” and the restart triggered by the syncthing upgrade. It wasnt there before.

I think It will delete files even when the other device is offline, at least that is what happens if the remote device goes offline while syncing, it will also continue (or start in the case of revert changes I assume) copying files if local copies are available somewhere.

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The button will undo any local state that does not match the global state, which will result in deletions and then potential downloads afterwards. The out of sync list will have both sets of items I think.

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