Reversed Out of Sync on Both Ends

I am unsure if this is a bug or not so I’m posting here. Backstory notes, we had Resilio Sync setup w these folders before this. Also worth noting, I should be downloading NO files. All my files are share only. So I set each folder as “Send only”, and on his end he set them all to “Read only”. We’re both on v1.3.2.

So, I installed Syncthing (SyncTrayzor) on Windows, and my friend installed on his Synology NAS through their package manager (On his end he gave Syncthing full permissions to the folders, unless he did something wrong?)

We both set it up, he gave me his remote device ID and I added it. After doing so, he added a folder, and linked it to a folder that had files in it already, and then sent the request to me, I paired it to the exact corresponding folder on my side. We did this for 3 different folders. (Note, these are the EXACT directory to directory pairing we had in resilio sync).

After this, we noticed a few issues. After the folders scans were done, they had a few out of sync errors. If I clicked it, it showed 4 files, they all belonged to “.sync” folder, which was resilio syncs folder, despite it being disconnected left the folder. As to why it had issue syncing idk. But anyways we deleted the .sync folders on both ends of all the folders. After rescanning, the out of sync error still showed. Also those same files. I had just selected “override changes” and now they all show “up to date”… on my end at least.

Now on HIS end, it shows errors on one of the folder, and it says theres like 1k files out of sync (there shouldn’t be, and there isn’t). On my end it shows up to date on that folder. Now on my end, under “remote devices” it shows his device, and its just stuck at “Syncing (97%, 904MiB)”, on his side, my device shows up to date. So we have basically opposite issues. On his end, he sees a folder out of sync, but my device fine. And on my end my folders are fine, his device is out of sync.

ALSO on my end, under remote devices, his device shows “Out of sync items: 15,232 items, ~904 MiB” which makes zero sense to me because all my folders show up to date. So clearly something isn’t right.

I’ve let it sit, it’s been sitting here for about 3 hours now, and on my side the “remote devices” for his device is still just stuck on the 97% syncing. Idk about his end, I assume nothing has changed though. I’m not seeing any duplicate files or anything. Not sure if we missed a setting, or if we screwed up something, or if this is actually a bug. But we’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

But yeah, those are my issues. Everything seems to be working as far as sync goes, I put a text file in each of the folders, and they appear on the other end. I just can’t get everything to show as properly synced. Sorry if any of this was confusing, I was confusing myself just typing it up. It’s though to explain it from both sides clearly. Feel free to inquire about anything.

Ignoring whether it should or not be out of sync in the first place, the general indicated pattern is correct: You locally have all the newesr file, so your folders are up to date and your device as shown in your friends ui is up to date too. the opposite is the case four your friends, where both folders on his end save his device on your end are out of sync/syncing.

What does not sound right is the discrepancy of 1k vs 15k out of sync files reported.

As to the actual problems: the info is on his end. On the or of sync folders there should be a list of items that are our sync and an associated error. Check these for an idea of what might be going wrong.

Some potential complications: permissions. For syncing synis with win you should probably activate ignoring them anyway. also even when not syncing permissions, Synology is notorious for sound ACL magic that noone gets save the solution was usually to take a sledgehammer and smash those ACLs - just in case there’s weird permissions errors that shouldn’t be there. Then there might also be problems with case sensitivity.

In any case, he should check the errors in the web ui. and if problems remain that you need help with, please post screenshots

Hm ok, we can’t do much these next to weeks to test. In about 2 weeks we can check things out and I will get back to you. What exactly are you propising we try?

Check errors in the web ui on his NAS, check the permissions again (do you have a guide for the exact way to setup permissions on synology to make sure it was done right?)

Case sensitivty in what? The directory names added to syncthing? nope. Everything seems to connect, there should be exact files on both sides. So idk. Also what do you mean by ACL magic? Not too familiar with that. Anyways thank you I appreciate the suggestions, we will check things out and hopefully get back to you around christmas time with what we find.

Check the errors displayed in the list of failed items. The rest of my post was just speculation as to what might be the cause without having that information.

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