Reuse of files between different folders

Hi all,

Just a query really. I’ve noticed that when files are present in one folder (in Syncthing terms) are copied to another folder… Syncthing will generally pick up that it already has the file elsewhere and copy it over.

I find it often only does this for about 50% the files and the other 50% are retransmitted despite being present elsewhere. Are there any settings to tweak this behaviour?

In our case we use one folder as a “dropbox” of sorts, and files (generally large media files) are copied out of this into other folders. Mostly this works fine but the retransmission of files tends to slow things down.

Thanks Jon

In general, Syncthing should do just that, i.e. if identical files (or, to be specific, blocks) are already present on the disk, it always reuses them instead of re-downloading the same data. If your experience differs, I’d suggest trying to reproduce the problem, and then provide logs of the whole process (if possible, with debug logging, e.g. model and db, enabled). If you can provide a clean description how to reproduce the problem, even better :slightly_smiling_face: (although this can be hard sometimes, especially if the problem only happens when dealing with real data).

If you are moving files between folders, the “delete” event in the source folder might propagate faster than the “create” event on the destination, at which point there is nothing left to copy the data from.

In theory in shouldn’t happen, as we try to delay deletes, but in practice there is nothing you can do about this if it does happen, as folders are independant.

Also, we copy data, which still takes time, so perhaps you are misidentifying copying as transferring.

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