Retries after fail...

Hi - I’ve got kind of a special case where I’d like syncthing to spam retries, or at least not escalate them. For example, I am syncing a DLL and it’s open so syncthing can’t write it. 10 minutes later, I kill the app and syncthing should be able to write now, but it’s got a 16 minute (say) retry period at this point.

Is there a way to hard code say a 5 second retry period that doesn’t increment?


Nope. There is a setting pullerPauseS though which defaults to 60 – this is the initial pause time when a pull fails. The pause time then increases over time up to a maximum of 60 * pullerPauseS. So you could set that to 1 to get a pause that maxes out at approximately one minute.

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