Resuming large files?


Does it support resuming broken uploads or downloads of large files? For example lets say I have a 2 gb file that is being synced and somehow I loose my connection. What happpens next time Syncthing starts syncing? Does it start from scracth for that particular large file or does it resume it?


From scratch.

Resume seems to be supported as of v0.10.0 - yay! (I haven’t tested it)

commit containing feature

I tested it by accident. It didn’t work :frowning: I’ve commented on the original issue. Given how flaky my connection is I don’t rate my chances of getting this file across :-/

It’s not in 0.10.0, but it is in current master and will be in 0.10.2. Please try out the latest dev build to give it a spin. :slight_smile:

Ah ha! After a bit of hunting I found what you are talking about - Temp file removed on broken connection · Issue #849 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

So the patch in v0.10.0 wasn’t actually the whole story :smile:

As a workaround for now I’ve created a hard-link to syncthing’s temporary file outside of the sync folder so that if it does it again I can just put it back again.