Resume automatically from "folder path missing" error


I set up a share in Syncthing pointing to a folder that might exist or not depending on the situation, such as a removable drive or a drive mounted by another software.

When the folder exists, syncthing works as expected. When it doens’t I get the expected “folder path missing”. In this latest case, when the folder reappears, the error stays there and the share stays suspended.

Is there and option for Syncthing to resume the share operation when the folder path is restored, of course without restarting manually the process?

Thank you! Diego.

It resumes automatically at the next scheduled scan. If you run with fs notifications normally that should be within the hour.

You answered one minute after my post, hardly I can imagine a better support :slight_smile:

Ideally I would like to resume from the error in real time, but of course this is not feasible with this timing. I tested a possible solution by decreasing significantly the notification period from one hour to one minute and this apparently solved, but is this a good idea? Otherwise, any other trick to suggest?

In my opinion the ability to recover from this error in real time (e.g. consider removable drives) might be useful for other users as well, possibly I’ll be glad to submit a feature request :slight_smile:

Thank you again! Diego.

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The downside to doing it every minute is that you get scans every minute when the disk is available. A possible workaround is to press “scan” in the GUI when you’ve conneted the disk.

I think it would be a reasonable feature request to check path/marker presence more frequently than on scan intervals when this error/condition occurs. Respectively it might be possible to be smarter still, and use filesystem notifications to detect it. Though that might not work for mounts.


I was recently working on a project for my employer and needed to see if filesystem notifications extended to the contents of mounted network shares, and unfortunately they don’t.

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