Restricting traffic for external nodes

Dear all,

I have two servers and NAS in my place. The data comes up on the two servers (as well as from several smartphone) and is consolidated on the NAS. Furthermore, I own a VPS that I want to use for offsite data replication. As the NAS consumes least power, my idea is to setup the cluster that my to servers are only used for internal file transfer and only the NAS is responsible for pushing the content to the VPS. Is there any way to realise this setting? Thank you for your help, br,


You set up connections to individual devices yourself so just don’t add the VPS on your servers and don’t activate the “introducer” option so no device gets added automatically.

Could it really be that simple? I realise that I am still in BTSync-like thinking… Thank you for your feedback!

You only have to do this on the server. If you want to use the “introducer” feature it will still work on the other nodes. If you don’t want to share the VPS with any other nodes you can also setup 2 Folders in Syncthing that share 1 directory.

Then you would have fine grained control of the NAS <-> VPS connection and can deal with the others separately. (Currently the ignores are stored in the directory so what you set for one share will carry over to the other.)

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