restricting to specific network interface

(Adam Chasen) #1

Requesting feature to whitelist/blacklist network interfaces and blacklist networks. I found IP network whitelist.

I have several links active which can communicate with peers (VPN, local, local ethernet, local wireless, LTE wireless, etc.). Considering Syncthing communicates securely and can transfer significant data, avoid VPN, LTE and/or wireless links.

Found related #10923 question, but refers to the IP network whitelist feature.

(Jakob Borg) #2

I don’t know how to implement that in Syncthing, on any OS.

(André Colomb) #3

Sounds like a case for local firewall rules.

(Adam Chasen) #4

Yep, all my research points to namespaces which is binding to specific IP network addresses. Apologies for wasting time, but thanks for the quick response.