Restoring folder after HDD crush

Hi! Today one of my HDD suddenly died, and I installed new HDD on the same place. After I created folder for Syncthing and “.stfolder” in it - on my second PC all files in that folder was deleted. Fortunately, I had second backup and restored everithing back.

How to restore my folders after HDD crush next time (without second backup)? Is there officially recommended method for this?

If you restore Syncthing’s database from backup, you also need to restore your files from backup. Either restore both the database and your files, or neither.


What @canton7 said and just to be explicit: If you don’t restore folder data, you need to remove and readd the folder in syncthing or reset the entire database.

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Thank you for advice! Next time I will remove this folders from ST and recreate again.

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