Restoring config from backup - folder path missing

So, I’ve reinstalled the OS on one of my hosts, and then restored the ~/.local/state/syncthing folder (and everything in it), which it picked up successfully. But now the folders have errors:

Error: folder path missing

I know I can remove and add the folders again — and that works — but each folder has a bunch of specific configuration — scan interval, send/receive only, label, path and so on.

Is there an easier way to restore the folders? Maybe a way to force their recreation, and download the latest data from other connected hosts.

I just deleted the file “index-v0.14.0.db”, and that did it — the folders were recreated and synchronized on start.

Note to self: never backup the database file.

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This is correct. Or, more specifically, the database backup/restore situation must be identical to that of the folders it tracks. If you restore the folder data you can restore the database.

Strange, I did restore the folder data + the database before (my backup includes both), and I still got the same error (folder path missing). That’s why I gave up on restoring the data.